Frequently Asked Questions about MIFarmLink

How much does it cost to use MIFarmLink?

It's free to utilize the platform. Thanks to the support provided by grants from the USDA, MDARD, and the Carls, Towsley, and Americana Foundations. 

What type of land can be listed?
  • Any type of agricultural zoned land
  • Sales, leases, mentorships, & networking
  • Any price point 
  • Any type of conservation status or conservation easement on the property
Does MIFarmLink oversee the sale or lease agreement?

No-we just do the linking! 

We also provide the resources to help make that sale or lease successful. 

Does a farmer need to have a realtor or have the property listed already?


I have more questions. Who can I talk to?

Reach out to me! Jill at info@mifarmlink.org. or call the office at 734-302-8715. I am happy to help!