Wylie Road in Dexter with Barn

Dexter, MI, Washtenaw County


Apr 29, 2024


  • 38 Acres Available
  • 17 Open Tillable Acres

Acreage description

This is a land leasing situation, the owner lives in the farmhouse and the leasers will have access to the barn. There are 38 total acres, 15 of which are open arable acres with a stream bisecting the property. The property includes a livestock barn, with a 2-3 acre fenced field, hayloft and corn crib that would be perfect for sheep or goats. The barn would only need minor updates to be ready for animals. Animals and/or crop production is available, the owner prefers no chemicals to be used. The owner would like to see the property used productively and is available to start farming in 2024. 

Transition Agreement